Spinal cord injuries

A victim of a traumatic spinal cord injury sees his life disrupted from one day to the other. Before the accident, he was walking normally, after he is deprived of the use of his legs and sometimes of his arms.

In case of paraplegia the loss will affect the legs, in case of tetraplegia the loss will affect both legs and arms. Complete motor and sensory injury is frequent, but the injury can sometimes be partial. The victim may have additional complications or losses : bedsores, vesico-sphincteric problems, pain…

In addition, there are the psychological repercussions of having to deal with the new body.

A spinal cord victim is entitled to request that his dignity as a human being be recognized.
This means that that he should be able to move around in a car or a wheelchair, if need be after his car is modified, or that he be assisted by a carer that will enable him to carry out the simple and complex chores of daily life.

Furthermore, if because of the wheelchair he isn’t able to move easily in his home, his surroundings must be adapted to his situation or, if that is not possible, he should be entitled to claim the reimbursement of the costs of acquiring a new home.

He should also be entitled to enjoy outdoor activities and to take holidays like everyone else. The liable party can be held to this compensation.

Mr. VAN TESLAAR has experience as to the particularities of medullar injuries and the needs they create ; he will be able to counsel, and if required to defend the victim before a court in order to obtain the most favorable compensation possible.

Furthermore, the spinal cord victim is entitled to be to have free and easy access to buildings and public administrations. But this is a different battle that must be carried out by enforcing the laws on public access of buildings…