Victims of accidents, or assault, in France

If you have had an accident in France, our law firm can help you to obtain compensation for your injuries.

In addition, if the injury is the result of an offense, we can also assist you in having the liable party brought to trial before a criminal court.

We handle cases of victims residing outside France on a regular basis. Our clients are located worldwide, whether in Europe (e.g. Denmark, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Spain…) or beyond (United States and Canada, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka…). Modern communication, and in particular emails, enable us to stay in touch with our clients just as easily as if they resided in France.

Generally speaking, at some stage we will have the victim come to France to be medically assessed. However, in case of catastrophic injury (brain trauma or paraplegia), we try to organize a medical assessment at the home of the victim.

We can intervene irrespective of where, in France, the accident took place. Since many insurance companies are based in Paris or the Paris area, if we have to go to court to sue an insurer we are well located to do so.

When no liable third party has been identified, victims should nevertheless check with our offices to see if there is not a way of obtaining some sort of compensation. In France there are governmental bodies that can step in and provide coverage, e.g. a non-resident permanently impaired as a result of an assault, or a EU resident victim of a road traffic accident when the other driver has fled the scene of the accident and remains unknown.

We represent foreign clients whose injuries, and compensation, vary considerably in scope; for example:

  • an American housewife victim of a car accident near Metz resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The doctors assessed her permanent functional impairment to be at 40%. Amount of the award: € 2,042,452.
  • An Australian tourist hit by a car as he was cycling in the French Alps; his permanent impairment was of 35%. Amount of the award: € 779,043
  • An American tourist who fell in a hotel resort in Martinique; her permanent impairment was set at 10%. Amount of damages obtained: € 68,073.

Our law firm also works in close association with personal injury law firms from many other countries.